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MASCOT® WORKWEAR is a Danish-owned family company that is among the leaders in workwear. Our products are developed in Denmark, while the majority of our 700+ unique products are produced in our own factories in Vietnam and Laos. We are represented by our own salespeople in more than 20 countries, but our products are exported to most parts of the world.

Our uncompromising commitment to quality means that we have a goal to develop, produce, market, and sell the world’s best workwear, which, for us, is more than just the product itself. Customer service, efficient logistics, and high delivery reliability are also crucial for our customers.

TESTED TO WORK – a slogan and a working method A crucial part of our strategy is testing and controlling methods, products, and suppliers.

Therefore, for many years, we have branded ourselves as TESTED TO WORK – a catchy slogan but also a crucial working strategy for us.